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“YOU’RE THE VOICE” student conference


The fourth biennial Nagle Education Alliance Australia (NEAA) Student Leadership Conference 2016 was held in late 2016 at Avila College, Mt Waverley in Victoria.

It saw almost 100 Year 10 students from Presentation inspired schools throughout Australia, and their teachers, gather together around the conference theme “You’re the Voice” to:

  • learn more about Nano Nagle and the Presentation story and how it continues to live today
  • explore what it means to be a young Presentation person now, with the challenges and the opportunities this presents
  • consider how they can be workers for justice, in the spirit of Nano and the Presentation sisters, in today’s world
  • reflect on their role as leaders now and into the future
  • build networks of friendship and support.

The students brought much energy, enthusiasm, creativity and commitment to the conference. They listened, reflected, responded, questioned, challenged each other and had fun.

Two particular highlights were the inspiring video message about using their voices and showing leadership from past Iona Presentation College student and current IPA volunteer Olivia Dawson, and the SLAM poems about contemporary issues the students teamed up to write and present. Students also prepared care packs for communities in need.

The Presentation spirit is certainly alive in the attitudes and actions of Presentation inspired students.

NEEA Conference 2016

NEEA Conference 2016


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