Jubilarians 2013


GENEVIEVE JEFFERY known to her family as Lorna, came from Elsternwick and was professed in 1943.

Taught in many schools, principal  in 3; catechetical coordinator; studied Biblical studies and did a course in Jerusalem.

Worked in the Marriage Tribunal, the Family Project in Balnarring, with Aboriginal people, and is still involved in pastoral and ecumenical work in Gardenvale.

Gen reminded us for years to keep our eyes on the year 2000, and she got there with us, and went beyond it with her constant openness to answering new needs in new ways. Let us congratulate Genevieve for 70 wonderful years.


MARGARET CARROLL came from the beautiful North-East and was professed in 1953.

Taught in many schools, principal in 3; she was a Bursar, a religious education coordinator, novice director, then Deputy Leader and Leader of the Congregation, Coordinator of Associates program, Vicar for Religious, Prayer Guides innovator, started a house for women with AIDS, and was staff member of Kilbride Spirituality Centre where she still works part-time.

Let us congratulate Margaret  for 60 years of constantly following the call of God to new pathways.


ROSE DERRICK came from Sandringham and was professed in 1953.

Initially Rose taught in primary classes in a number of schools.

After 10 years, Rose’s artistic gifts came to the fore, and she studied fine arts and cinema studies, then took on secondary school classes in art and religious education. In 1986 Rose began work at Sacred Heart Mission, where she is still warmly welcomed by the people. Rose’s outreach to offer art opportunities to the homeless people, the aboriginal people, those with mental illnesses, and those in residential care still goes on today.

Let us congratulate Rose on 60 years offering beauty and friendship to so many.


ISLA KEALY entered from Oakleigh, and was professed in 1953.

Beginning her teaching days in primary schools, Isla soon moved into secondary teaching. Twice a principal, Isla moved to work in the Inter-Church Trade and Industry ministry as chaplain in factories, and later in Villa Maria Centre Wantirna.

After retirement, Bernadette Whitty and Isla made their home a place of outreach to their migrant  neighbours, many of whom are still staunch friends.

Let us congratulate Isla on 60 years offering welcome and outreach to those in need.


FELICITY CORDER came from Brighton and was professed in 1963.

Originally teaching primary classes, Felicity soon moved into secondary teaching, being principal at Daylesford. Helped start the Associates’ movement.

Twenty years ago Felicity went to PNG, where she has worked in Aitape and Ningil. She did a formation course in St Louis, and took on the role of formation for about 10 years. Since then, Felicity has been responsible for many areas in PNG and returned there after Christmas 2012.

Let us congratulate Felicity on 50 years of generous, life-encouraging commitment to God’s mission.


FRANCES HARGREAVES came to us from Wangaratta, and was professed in 1963.

After many years of teaching and principalship of primary schools, Frances offered to go to PNG in 1983. After years as the Leader, Frances trained in England and took on the formation in the novitiate for 8 years. After a year’s break Frances returned to take on the leadership role once again.

When Frances returned to us her administrative and organisational gifts were put into energetic action at our hostel, and subsequently anywhere there is a need. She is still exercising a coordinating role in our house in Sandringham.

Let us congratulate Frances on 50 years of generosity and commitment to us and to Collingwood  Football Club.


PATRICIA HICKMAN entered from Brighton, also professed in 1963.

After many years as teacher and principal in primary schools, Patricia completed several courses in theological areas.

Patricia then took on chaplaincy in hospitals and hospices for some years.

Then she took on mission work in Zambia and Uganda,caring for AIDS victims. Since her return home, Patricia has continued with study at tertiary level.

Let us congratulate Patricia on 50 years of caring roles she has brought to our church and our world.


ELISABETH LAMPRELL came from Hawthorn, and was professed in 1963.

A Secondary school teacher for many years, Lis was principal at Moe and at Myrtleford for many years. Lis amazed us with her quiet mastery of areas like physics, biology, calculus, chemistry and so on.

After her school days Lis took on psychology and counselling.

She has been a wonderful support of the Associates in Myrtleford for many years. These days Lis has become quite an artist.

Let us congratulate Lis on 50 years using her wonderful brain for God’s kingdom.