Tasmania Congregation


Membership (as at August 2016): 15 Professed Sisters



•    Schools: Governing Councils, Boards, Pastoral Care, Tutoring
•    Tertiary Education, Pastoral Care
•    Spiritual Direction/Retreats
•    Parish Ministry
•    Pastoral Care, Aged Care Facilities
•    PNG Sisters
•    Congregation Leadership


Tasmania Sisters who attended Congress 2016:



Marilyn Fryett, Majella Kelly, Elizabeth Vagg, Gabrielle Morgan, Monica Shelverton


Geography of Ministries: Tasmania



Sr Gabrielle Morgan
GPO Box 1476
Hobart TAS 7001
+614 07 868 381
+613 6108 2566
Email: gabrielle.morgan@gmail.com


October 31, 2016 marks 150 years since the first Presentation Sisters arrived in Australia, landing at Hobart Tasmania in 1866.

The photo shows many of the original Sisters who travelled to Tasmania from Ireland. Read more

Tasmania Presentation Sisters Postcard



Mystery Stone replaced by plaque for History


Presentation Sisters and St Mary’s College students and teachers gathered for the unveiling of the replacement foundation plaque on Monday 15 August.

Mystery Stone Tasmania

In August 1866, while the founding Presentation Sisters were still bound for Hobart from Ireland by sea, Archbishop Daniel Murphy laid the foundation stone of the convent building, which is now St Mary’s College.

As the founding Presentation Sisters weren’t present to see the foundation stone laid, its location has remained a longstanding mystery. However, the new plaque commemorates that first stone, laid when building on the site commenced.

The St Mary’s College site was the beginning of the Presentation Sisters’ educational endeavours in Australia.

Congregation Leader of the Presentation Sisters in Tasmania, Sr Gabrielle Morgan said the plaque serves the important historical purpose of preserving historical facts for future generations. She said:

“We can’t locate the foundation stone so mounting the plaque is a pretty important step for the future,” ….. “When we are all gone, people will wonder where the foundation stone is.  For the students it is also important because it is history.”


St Mary’s College Principal, Helen Spencer said the unveiling was purposely scheduled to coincide with Catholic Education Week as well as one of the biggest feast days of Our Lady. Ms Spencer said:

“It’s the Feast of the Assumption today so we thought it would be an appropriate day, given that the College is named St Mary’s”


Courtesy of the Tasmanian Catholic Education Office for Catholic Education Week 2016.