About the Queensland Presentation Sisters


The Queensland Presentation Sisters are part of a global group of Presentation People called the International Presentation Association. Impelled by the Gospel of Jesus and the spirit of our foundress Nano Nagle, we consciously choose to be drawn more deeply into the mystery of God and the reality of people and Earth made poor. Our challenge as Queensland Presentation Sisters is to search for God, to stand with those made poor and work to change the structures that oppress them and to care for Earth our home. In the spirit of Nano Nagle we try to shine the light of justice, compassion and faith in the dark corners of injustice, suffering and despair in our society.

As at September 2015 there are 65 Sisters in the Queensland Congregation.  As we grow older we continue to discern new ways to be the Presentation face of God’s mission wherever we are and whatever we do.


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