Our Focus for Mission 2014-2019

lanternImpelled by the Gospel of Jesus and the spirit of Nano Nagle
and in union with Presentation People around the world,
we consciously choose to be drawn more deeply into the mystery of God
and the reality of people and Earth made poor.

Like Mary, we continue to develop a contemplative awareness
as we participate through prayer, action and intention
in the evolution of the universe.
Being conscious of our integral relationship with the entire Earth Community
energises us to discern new ways to be
the Presentation face of God’s mission.

The Queensland Presentation Sisters acknowledge and respect the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island nations and peoples as the first peoples of this land and as the keepers of the oldest known continuous living cultures. We acknowledge their deep spiritual connections to this land and we thank them for the care they have shown to Earth. We commit ourselves to stand in solidarity in their struggle for justice and self-determination, particularly as regards their lands, languages and cultures.



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