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Membership as at March 2014: 39 Professed Sisters



Our current Congregational Leader, Margaret Cannane has recently written reminding us about the two feet of social justice.  One foot is about charitable works or direct service and Margaret encourages us and states that she feels we have been, and continue to be, very good at this in our ministries.

Margaret’s reflection is helpful to anyone who is familiar with Jesus’ story of the Good Samaritan.   The story challenges us to care for those in need.  The neighbour who was robbed and bashed could represent oneself, one of our sisters, those we meet in ministry or where we live, groups of people such as refugees, victims of any form of abuse and even the environment when it is being abused by human beings.   All of us could ask, “How often do I walk by and ignore those in need and use all kinds of excuses to justify my doing that?”  This story is about direct service, compassion and care but not about looking at what caused the problem of highway bandits.

The other foot is about institutional change, dealing with root causes, unjust structures and policies.  It is about working for long-term changes that will create a more just tomorrow for all.  It involves dealing with causes, structures and the impact which laws and policies have on people’s lives.  Justice demands the empowering of people, community organising, legislative lobbying, educating, etc.

We all need our two feet to walk or we will lose our balance.  The same applies to the two feet of social ministry.  If we use the direct service foot only, then we have to be careful not to be fostering dependency.  If we only use the institutional change foot, then we could be distancing ourselves from helping people with immediate needs.  So the challenge is to speak for those unjustly treated but also to be compassionate to those in need.

Empowerment and self-determination are what all people need.  If we can help people find these, then we are acting in the spirit of Jesus and Nano.


Lismore Presentation Sisters

commit to:

Deep reverence for the Mystery of God

Opening ourselves to this Mystery revealed in our relationships and in all creation

Becoming attuned to the Universe Story

Growing in union with each other for God’s mission

Embracing life in a spirit of justice, truth, love and compassion

Supporting Society and the IPA Mandates for Mission

Implementing Circular Leadership


Lismore Presentation Sisters – General Chapter 2011




Membership (as at March 2014): 39 Professed SistersGeography of Ministries: New South Wales (Australia), Queensland (Australia) and Victoria (Australia)



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Lismore Sisters who attended Congress 2011:

Back row: Roberta Garrett, Maureen Flatley, Joan Reynolds, Mary Cannane, Patricia O’Brien, Anne Jordan, Leonie Wallace, Margaret Walsh, Julianne Murphy

Front row: Janice Duggan, Anne Shay, Jill Kennedy, Mary McFadden, Susan Richardson


125 Years Celebrations in Lismore

The Lismore Presentation Sisters celebrated 125 years of presence and ministry since foundation in Lismore with a special Jubilee Mass in St Carthage’s Cathedral on Sunday 14 August 2011.

Click here for the text of Sr Jill Kennedy’s talk at the celebratory Mass.


Jubilees of Profession were also be celebrated on this day. The Jubilarians were:

  • Sister Patricia Dent OAM – 70 years
  • Sisters Margaret Mary Cogan, Anne Henson, Elizabeth Maree Fitzgerald and Mary Baldwin – 60 Years
  • Sister Maria Marin – 50 years

L to R: Sisters Maria Marin (Golden), Anne Henson and Mary Baldwin (Diamond), Patricia Dent (Platinum), Jill Kennedy (Congregation Leader), Margaret Mary Cogan and Elizabeth Marie FitzGerald (Diamond)