The Ongoing Story


The 16th Society Congress was held at Mary Mackillop Place, North Sydney from 25 to 29 April 2016. Seventy sisters from the six Australian congregations and the Papua New Guinea community attended. It was a wonderful contemplative experience of listening to our various experiences of being Presentation, of naming and claiming our realities and of listening to each other as we discerned our vision and the focus areas in which we need to take action. The Society Congress achieved its aim of fostering greater unity among us.


Cracked Cup - Grey

As a generative community of Presentation people, we will use the next five years to focus on the priority areas of Justice, Practical realities of our Changing Times, Relationships, Presentation – next generation.

We affirmed Our Vision for the next five years as a Society as:

Our Vision

We, Presentation Society of Australian and Papua New Guinea,
participate in the communion of Love at the heart of the universe
enriched by diversity and commonality
giving and receiving.

Living in the uncertainty of an evolving future,
we entrust ourselves into the Mystery of God.

We are impelled by the Gospel and the spirit of Nano Nagle
to be compassionate and just in all our relationships.

                                                                                   Congress 2016


We affirmed the importance of our close relations and activities with the International Presentation Association (IPA) in the key areas of Indigenous Justice, Women and Children, Sustainable Development and Human Rights . It is through IPA that Society has non-government consultative status at the United Nations and is able to make interventions to influence policies and decisions.

We are grateful to the Congress Planning Committee – Gabrielle Morgan, Helen Carboon, Mary Walsh, Maureen Watson and Maria Lazzaro, for the work they did with the Congress Facilitator, Kerry Brettell, to make the Congress both a contemplative and focused experience.

Sr Maureen Watson completed her term as Society Leader with the Society Leadership team of Cheryl Bourke and Mary Walsh. They were thanked for their service. Sr Marlette Black was elected to lead Society for the next five years.

Society looks forward to hosting the IPA Assembly in Sydney in September 2017.


Presentation People from around the world (including Australia and PNG)
who attended the IPA Assembly 2012 in Canada