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24, Jan

The leadership team of Presentation Sisters Western Australia changed on 1 January 2018 with Sr Lucy van Kessel becoming leader following Sr Kathleen Laffan’s six years. Sr Kathleen’s mission story is featured in the Perth Archdiocese’s The Record newsletter and Sr Lucy’s change from 25 years in community outreach services is featured in NCR’s Global Sisters Report.   […]

2, Nov

Year 11 students at Iona Presentation College, Mosman (Perth WA) gave a presentation this week on their Faith in Action 2017 project, about their learnings on Homelessness, in the form of a video. Ms Gemma Thomson, Head of Religious Education and Lucy van Kessel of Presentation Sisters Western Australia would like to give us the […]

14, Sep

  Iona Presentation College (Perth, WA) students chopped off their ponytails so they could be used to make wigs for breast cancer survivors, during their week-long MAD (Making a Difference) for Social Justice campaign held until Tuesday 5 September. “Someone needed the hair more than we do”‘ said student Hannah Howard (17), who grew her […]

20, Jun

  Iona Presentation Primary School at Mosman Park in Perth has celebrated a Thanksgiving Mass in honour of, and gratitude for, the work of the Presentation Sisters in the school community over the past 110 years. On July 1, 2017, the Presentation Congregation in Western Australia will step back from the governance of schools, where […]

9, May

  On Wednesday 3 May 2017 at Nagle College, Geraldton Western Australia, a Statue of Nano Nagle, founder of the Presentation Sisters, and the College’s Presentation Windows were blessed. The administration office was re-named the “Presentation Centre”.  Nagle College Teacher, Caroline Comiskey, gave the guiding reflection, as follows 

2, Mar

  Presentation Sister Joan Evans, 84 years old and celebrated for her work in Bangkok’s Klong Toei slum for 25 years, has returned to Perth. But in ‘Rong Moo’ she will not be forgotten. Read Joan’s ‘retirement’ story and watch a video about her work.