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21, Feb

  Celebrating 300 years since the birth of Nano Nagle, Presentation people around the world are remembering Nano’s values, rethinking the Sustainable Development Goals, and undertaking tangible actions that help us live out Nano’s vison in today’s world. During March, we are considering Trust.      DOWNLOAD COPY HERE        

16, Feb

  Peta Anne Molloy of Presentation Sisters Queensland invites us to join a carbon fast, for the sake of the Earth and the people who suffer most from climate change and severe weather events. Following a daily calendar, we are called to reflect on and transform our relationship with all God’s creation. Through mindful consumption […]

5, Feb

Presentation people in Australia are encouraged to join the chorus of protest against the Australian Government’s announced intention to become one of the top 10 arms producers and exporters in the global arms trade. To take action by contacting the Prime Minister, Ministers and Opposition Leader, contact details and key concerns are provided in the latest […]