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Daily reports from IPA Assembly in Sydney

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Photos, updates and videos were posted daily from the 7th International Presentation Association (IPA) Assembly to the IPA website. The Assembly Opening was held on Sunday 24 September with a Welcome to Country and Indigenous smoking ceremony at North Sydney.

IPA Assembly 2017

Please share this link with our sisters, co-workers, associates and friends who make up our Presentation people around the world. If you lose the link, it can be found toward the bottom of the home page of the IPA website.

The 7th IPA Assembly was held in Sydney, Australia from 24-30 September 2017. 76 delegates represented Congregations, communities, ministries and the presence of Presentation people in 30 countries.




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  1. Suzanne Gentle says:

    Thank you for sharing photos, videos and updates from each day of the Assembly. Let us be renewed with the gift you have given us.

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