6, Jul

Community Climate Petitions call for climate justice

Author: SEO


Presentation sisters across Australia are giving support to create the largest multi-electorate petition in Australia‚Äôs history and make it impossible for our Federal Members of Parliament to ignore that our communities want climate justice.

Timed to coincide with Government reviews of progress towards Paris Climate Agreement targets, the community petitions call on the Australian Government to take stronger action in climate policies in order to reduce our emissions, transition to clean energy and support our most vulnerable neighbours of the Pacific Islands to face a changing climate.

The multi-faith initiative to raise 150 electorate-based climate justice petitions – one in every electorate across the country – includes the Australian Religious Response to Climate Change; Congregations and Religious Institutes and coordination by Caritas Australia.

For more information about getting involved, go to http://www.caritas.org.au/act/our-common-home/climate-petition-2017


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