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Presentation legacy in education in Western Australia

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Iona Presentation Primary School at Mosman Park in Perth has celebrated a Thanksgiving Mass in honour of, and gratitude for, the work of the Presentation Sisters in the school community over the past 110 years. On July 1, 2017, the Presentation Congregation in Western Australia will step back from the governance of schools, where they have been involved since the late 19th Century. The Sisters, confident that their legacy in education has been placed in capable hands, have transitioned Iona Presentation Primary School and College to the Archdiocese of Perth. As the Principal wrote to parents:

“As members of the Iona community, Nano’s lantern has been passed onto us and we have been entrusted to continue the charism, the essence of the Presentation Sisters, so future generations will know, love and value being Presentation People.”

After the Thanksgiving Mass, there was a blessing of a ‘Presentation’ Garden with its centrepiece of a Nano Nagle statue and an abstract mosaic on the theme ‘Presentation Sisters lighting the way’. The mosaic has been a “labour of love” by many:  

“Circles [in the mosaic] signify the many contributions by the Presentation Sisters to our community. The circular patterns depict the symbols in Aboriginal artworks representing a meeting place and the circle of life.”

“The Sisters have placed an enormous level of trust in the community – the life’s work of generations of Sisters to be honoured and continued. The best way we can do this is by continuing our traditons, honouring our story, living the Presentation values of hospitality, compassion and social justice and by never forgetting our heritage. A huge undertaking, but one that we will all take on with grateful hearts.”

For the description from Iona Presentation Primary School Newsletter to Parents, 9 June 2017, click here

See the photo of 25 Presentation Sisters of WA Congregation present for the Thanksgiving Mass with Iona Presentation Primary School community and read the article in the Archdiocese of Perth’s e-Record about the event here






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