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World Water Day 22 March – Take action – Micro fibres are killing our waterways and oceans

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Tiny plastic bits—called microfibres – from our clothes made of synthetic fabrics, such as polyester, are flowing down our drains to our rivers, lakes, harbours and oceans. 60% of all clothes on earth are made of synthetic fabrics but clothing brands have been slow to respond to this growing plastic pollution threat in our environment. 

More than five years ago microfibres were discovered to be a direct, major source of plastic pollution. Washing our clothes in washing machines are the biggest source of microplastics in the environment.  

The people at ‘The Story of Stuff‘ have now produced the animated film of ‘The Story of Microfibers to highlight the killing problem.

“With an estimated 1.4 million trillion (!!) microfibers already corrupting our shared waters and the creatures that inhabit them, we need real, objective progress to stop this pollution.

We call on clothing brands to: 1) publicly acknowledge the seriousness of the pollution threat that microfibers pose; 2) commit to investments of time and resources to investigate and test potential Solutions; and 3) share what they learn with each other and the public.”

Solutions to this unique pollution challenge are difficult, and will require cooperation between clothing brands, advocates, scientists, designers, and others. But there is also an urgency we can’t and won’t ignore.

Add your name to the Petition to Stop Microfiber Pollution at http://action.storyofstuff.org/sign/stop_microfiber_plastic_pollution/





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