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Niugini News – Community care

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In their latest news bulletin, PNG Presentation sisters tell of their community care work with marginalised and remote communities – at Arop on the Aitape coast and in the mountains at Ningil.  

Young people without parents

On the Aitape coast at Arop, a village site for people re-settled inland after the 1998 tsunami, the pastoral team of three Presentation sisters are working with those who have grown up without parents. These young people are taken in by local families but have generally struggled to have the basic necessities, education fees paid and health care. Says Dianne Dao, pbvm “my desire to work with these young people and other village children with deceased parents came from my day to day encounters with them. Often they are teased. With sisters Maria and Clemencia, we came up with the idea that we could start a group. We are doing what we can to support them to support each other.”

Nursing in Ningil

Lawrencia Tamalako,pbvm is the ‘Bush Meri Nurse’ at the Ningil Aid Post and works in a team with three other nurses/health workers. There are many challenges every day. Lawrencia responds to all kinds of medical needs and emergencies during her day as well as undertaking extensive ‘patrols’ along the Ningil Ridges to visit families in isolated villages, undertake immunisations, attend to personal/family health needs and care for the ill.

Lawrencia Tamalako, pbvm (left) showing Elizabeth Sepp, pbvm the Ningil Aid Post.




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