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20, Mar

  Featuring The Cry of the Earth and the effects of climate change; Presentation people responding to The Cry of the Poor; Logham’s story and actions for asylum seekers in the community; Steps towards Indigenous reconciliation; Referendum dialogues. Download   Justice Jottings Autumn 2017        

17, Mar

  Tiny plastic bits—called microfibres – from our clothes made of synthetic fabrics, such as polyester, are flowing down our drains to our rivers, lakes, harbours and oceans. 60% of all clothes on earth are made of synthetic fabrics but clothing brands have been slow to respond to this growing plastic pollution threat in our […]

7, Mar

  In their latest news bulletin, PNG Presentation sisters tell of their community care work with marginalised and remote communities – at Arop on the Aitape coast and in the mountains at Ningil.  

2, Mar

  Presentation Sister Joan Evans, 84 years old and celebrated for her work in Bangkok’s Klong Toei slum for 25 years, has returned to Perth. But in ‘Rong Moo’ she will not be forgotten. Read Joan’s ‘retirement’ story and watch a video about her work.