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ErinEarth: Sculptures bring beauty, garden gives welcome

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Kaye Bryan of Presentation Sisters Wagga Wagga provides an update on ErinEarth events including a weekend display of exceptional sculptures fashioned using recycled metal and the garden providing a local community welcome to new arrivals on the eve of Refugee Week.

ErinEarth_Eagle“Oh, how beautiful, like fairyland!” were the comments of many visitors to ErinEarth (Wagga Wagga, NSW) on the last Friday night of April 2016. Light misty rain was falling as guests arrived for the opening night of ErinEarth Sculpture Weekend. Throughout the garden, around every corner, were beautiful sculptures lit up for the occasion.

As one followed pathways in the ErinEarth garden, here was a large eagle, with wings spread, entirely fashioned of old horse shoes; there was a life size stag brilliantly put together with pre-used hydraulic rams; by the dam a life-sized horse and on the edge of the wetlands a life-sized crocodile, looking as though it could immediately attack (much to the delight of the children). These were just a few of the exceptional sculptures fashioned using recycled metal.

Eighteen months of planning by ErinEarth staff and volunteers bore fruit on the April weekend. Fourteen talented sculptors responded to the invitation to display their work (eighty pieces in all) and to have the opportunity to have the work purchased.

The site was visited by approximately 600 visitors, who were delighted and fascinated by the display. This was the first visit to ErinEarth by many. Their interest was aroused by the concept of a site of such beauty and meaning in the midst of a large city. ErinEarth, now nearly 20 years old, is a venture of the Wagga Wagga Presentation Sisters, responding to the ‘Cry of the Earth’. As a resource with a solar passive house and garden, ErinEarth_Horseit aims to provide inspiration, to develop ideas and to implement practices that will demonstrate and actively encourage sustainable living – a lifestyle that is ‘ecologically just’.

ErinEarth’s Open Garden Day on Saturday June 18th also attracted many visitors. On this day that was the eve of Refugee Week, ErinEarth staff and volunteers created a special project to welcome new arrivals to Wagga Wagga. With the help of translators there was sharing of useful gardening information with a special emphasis on vegetable growing and a speaker gave ErinEarth-Crocodileinformation on Wagga Wagga’s climate, weather and environment. As with all ErinEarth occasions, refreshments were provided, enhancing the opportunities for the building of community.

Visit ErinEarth’s  web page at www.erinearth.org.au

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