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Looking forward, looking back…

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Sr Teresita

Sr Teresita

These words from a familiar Australian song could be used to describe Sr Teresita, a Queensland Presentation Sister, who celebrated her 99th birthday on the anniversary of Nano’s death and entry into the fullness of life.

Having completed 99 years, Teresita looks back with gratitude for all that has been.  She also lives with the sense of looking forward to what is yet to come. Her comment on her birthday this year was, “I’ll be 100 next year.

She also has a profound sense of the now. Like the proverbial woman who ‘is always busy with wool’ (Proverbs 31:13) she is often found to be plying her knitting needles for the benefit of many a homeless person who needs protection from the cold.  Through the deftness of her fingers Teresita brings the light of Nano’s lantern to many who are found in the winding streets of our city.

It can truly be said of her that she is far beyond the price of pearls. (Proverbs 31:10)





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  1. Helen Martinez, PBVM says:

    Blessings of joy be yours- How delightful to hear your story and your being in mission still. I think you warm many hearts with your fidelity to the call you received. The charism of Nano is alive and well in you. You are one amazing act to follow! Peace and love to you from NL.

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