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#foodnotbullets – Calling for justice for the farmers of Kidapawan, Philippines

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“We would like to express our utmost condemnation on the killing of unarmed farmers asking for food relief. The people of North Cotobato are suffering from severe drought. The inutile response of government to help them survive such crisis is inhuman enough. To hoard the food relief intended for them is simply criminal. To open fire at them when they were demanding what is due them is plain evil.
Thousands of farmers in Kidapawan, North Cotobato decided to temporarily leave their farms to protest the hoarding of the food relief by the local government and to demand the release of the calamity funds supposedly intended for those whose crops were destroyed by the El Niño phenomenon.
After four days of peacefully protesting in front of the provincial office of the National Food Authority, the police forces decided to open fire at the unarmed farmers resulting to three dead and more than a hundred wounded.”

The Society of Presentation Sisters Australia, the Society of Presentation Sisters Papua New Guinea, the Presentation Congregation Queensland and the IPA have all signed a statement supporting the farmers of Kidapawan, Philippines.

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