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Adventures of three intrepid former Missionaries in PNG!

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Against all odds, but with great determination, Srs Carmel Boyle, Monica Shelverton and Breda Ryan, who years ago lived and worked in Ningil, took the opportunity to travel to Ningil when in Papua New Guinea for the celebrations of Fifty Years Foundation of the Mission. Since the convent was destroyed by fire last year (so nowhere to stay) and with the deterioration of safe travel these Sisters were given little hope of returning to their beloved Ningil.

When the Aitape Celebrations ended, Breda, who had been responsible for the building of the Ningil clinic, Carmel and Monica, who had been responsible for building the Ningil Women’s centre, discovered a truck was going to Ningil via Wewak. Gideon, the owner of the truck, warned it would be a very rough trip but that did not deter these intrepid former Missionaries.

The group set off from Aitape at about 4.20 am and arrived at Wewak at midday. There were supplies to be bought and packed into whatever space was available and they set off again about 3pm. Three and a half hours from Ningil they experienced car trouble. Machinery was pulled apart and seemingly repaired but the ball bearings were broken and there were no replacements. Various vehicles stopped to help but could do nothing.

Sr Carmel tells the story……

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Srs Carmel Boyle, Breda Ryan, Monica Shelverton and friends

Srs Breda Ryan, Carmel Boyle, Monica Shelverton and friends








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  1. Helen Martinez, PBVM says:

    I was moved to tears in the reading of the story of Ningil. I believe Nano would have love these missionary sisters. I was so happy to read that Sister Laurencia was there. I have many fond memories of our time together at IPA in NL. I wish you all the peace and joy and the reward of your labours. Congratulations to all involved. I think this anniversary will be remembered for years and years to come.

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