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The road to Paris: climate change and Our Common Home

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EiffeltowerThe COP21 Climate Change Conference in Paris commences at the end of November. As National Governments work toward adopting a new universal climate agreement Civil Society and NGOs around the world have already mobilized action and initiatives to address climate change at the grass roots level.

The Momentum for Change Lighthouse Activities is one movement showing  compelling proof that climate action is building worldwide and in countries, communities, companies and cities everywhere,” UNFCCC Executive Secretary Christiana Figueres said.

“By showcasing these remarkable solutions and the people behind them we can strengthen efforts toward that new agreement, accelerate the global transition to a low-carbon, highly resilient development path and mark a turning point in the sustainable management of planet Earth for the seven billion alive today and the ten billion by 2050.”

Need some inspiration? Take a look at these sixteen game-changing climate action initiatives from around the world! These initiatives were today announced as winners of the prestigious United Nations’ Momentum for Change climate change award.

Winning activities include a seriously cool smartphone that puts social values first and an initiative that is enabling 40 Latin American cities to take concrete climate action. Others include a women-led initiative in Benin that uses solar energy to empower women farmers and an internal carbon fee that holds the business units of one of the world’s most famous software and ICT companies financially responsible for reducing their carbon emissions.

More information on the Paris climate talks and climate change action

Good News!
Kevin Cawley, our Presentation Brother working at the UN, shares  “good news” items from around the world  demonstrating that  good things get done all the time but not always reported and not always in centers of media attention. We can all make a difference.   There are a number of events taking place leading up to the Paris talks and the links are provided for ourvoices.net that may be doing something in your local area.

“Road to Paris: Come, renew the face of the earth” is an excellent article published in the November-December 2015 NewsNotes.  It was written by Chloe Schwabe, MOGC Faith-Economy-Ecology program director.





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