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Golden Jubilee of Sr Anne Shay

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Sr Anne Shay Golden JubileeAnne celebrated her Golden Jubilee with a joyful con-celebrated Mass at Crowley Village on Saturday September 20th with Sisters, family and friends who later joined her for dinner. Anne’s father, Bill was present and made history by being the first parent to be present at a Golden Jubilee.

Anne spent the first twenty years of her Religious life as a teacher in Lismore, Murwillumbah and South Blacktown. During this time, she spent three months at Kairos in Castle Hill, doing her live-in pastoral work at the Aboriginal Ministry at Redfern – an experience not to be forgotten by Anne. With lecturers such as Cyril Halley, there was a strong focus on social justice which Anne absorbed and is still passionate about.

Choosing a career change in 1985, Anne completed a Bachelor of Social Work at Sydney University qualifying her to minister at Youth and Community Services and a Child Abuse Centre in Bondi. She had wonderful experiences in social work before being invited to manage the Nagle Centre at Campbelltown which was a joint venture of the Wagga Presentation Sisters and the St Vincent de Paul Society. For Anne, working with the Wagga Sisters was very special.

In 1996-97 Anne had a Sabbatical year at the Institute of Spirituality at Berkeley in California and went on to complete her studies for a Master of Arts in Theology in 2008. She continued her ministry in social work during this time and before becoming a Pastoral Associate in Ballina Parish working in the areas of Faith Development and Justice with the support of the Presentation People’s Justice Group.

Anne has been involved in Society justice ventures since 1987 when the first Presentation Society Justice group composed of Rosemary Grundy (Qld), Philomena Sewell (Wagga), Bernadette Keating (Vic), Liz Compton (Tas) and Beverley Oliver (WA) was inaugurated.

She has represented our Congregation as IPA Justice Contact person from 2003-2014 and sees that as one of the greatest blessings of her life.

Anne continues to work for justice with the Ballina Presentation People’s group and as a member of the Leadership team prepares a letter on justice issues for the team to send to politicians after each meeting.

Anne finished her speech at the dinner with the following:

“It is a wonderful time to be alive, to have lived through so many life-giving changes in Religious life, to live in this time of evolving consciousness and awareness of our interconnectedness with all creation.
God is continually doing something new.
“God’s promises are new every morning.” (Lamentations 3:23)

To quote Dag Hammarskjold:
“For all that has been, thanks.
To all that shall be, Yes.”





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    Congratulations Anne on a wonderful milestone and with many years to come.

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