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St Rita’s Ex-Student Volunteers with the Presentation Sisters at the United Nations

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Miller_AlexandraAlexandra Miller, ex-student from St Rita’s College Brisbane is currently in New York assisting Sr Elsa Muttahu in her work at the United Nations. Alexandra was thrilled to be accepted as a volunteer for two months from mid-September to mid-November 2104.

Alexandra reports from New York, “My time at the UN has gotten off to a great start. I have been wonderfully busy attending committee meetings and will soon let you know more about what I am doing.”

Alexandra is well qualified for this task as she recently graduated from her Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Science degrees at the University of Queensland. She was very interested in the possibility of becoming involved in a program with the International Presentation Association at the UN before she begins her medical degree in 2015.

With a background in legal advocacy work and academic research, Alexandra was completely open to assisting the IPA and Sr Elsa in whatever capacity she could. . As part of the Bachelor of Laws, Alexandra completed courses in international humanitarian law and advanced jurisprudence (focusing on issues surrounding feminism and human rights). She is currently finalising a journal article for publication on the implications of female genital mutilation in the area of international law.

At the IPA office in New York Alexandra will assist with research and report writing, attend various meetings and information sessions at the United Nations. Alexandra has also completed studies in environmental law and policy, which will be of assistance with respect to issues around the Climate Summit and Sustainability. Her giftedness, generosity and her studies will add to the Ministry of the Presentation Sisters in working and advocating for those who have been made poor.




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  1. Dale Morrow says:

    Wonderful to hear that ex-students are so committed to social action in our world. We have a bright future when young, brilliant minds set to make a difference.
    We at St. Rita’s continue to follow Alexandra’s experience with great interest and look to an opportunity to expand our participation in this all important work.

  2. lucy van kessel says:

    Great to see volunteers from Australia in at the UN. I hope it all goes very well.

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