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65th UN-DPI Conference New York 2104

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Major goals of poverty eradication, inequalities, human rights and climate change were highlighted at the recent UN-DPI (Department of Public Information) Conference in New York 27th – 29th August.

United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon acknowledged the Civil Society contribution to achieving the MDGs and called on the Non Government Organisations to intensify action and help shape a new vision for sustainable development.

John Ash, President of the 68th General Assembly asked the civil society to hold their Governments responsible and accountable and see the private sector as an ally and not an adversary to influence global development of all.

Ban Ki-Moon and John Ash stress the importance of grass-roots level involvement and challenge us to help shape a new vision for sustainable development.  How can we intensify our actions in our communities, our own homes, our schools and ministries to contribute to a more just and sustainable Earth?  How aware am I of the issues involved?  What are my commitments?

Srs Sharon Altendorf, Pauline Chirchirillo, Yliana Hernandez and Patricia Anastasio attend all or part of this Conference representing Presentation Sisters, Co-workers and Ministries around the world.

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