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Sister Ellen Cafferty’s excellent presentation to the UN Forum on Indigenous Issues

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Congratulations to Sister Ellen Cafferty who gave an excellent presentation at the 13th Conference of the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues! Read her talk entitled Self-determination.


I can only speak as an eyewitness to the efforts toward self-determination of the Mayan people, among whom I have lived and labored during 42 of my 76 years.

I admit with some embarrassment that I went to Chiapas, Mexico thinking I was goingto teach the people something–after all I was a teacher–but what happened was
that the people became my teachers. Their lessons were subtle and unintentional, but little by little they came to form for me a different way of thinking, of seeing all of
life in a completely different context than theone into which I had been born and raised.
You may ask what all this has to do with self-determination. For me it has everything to do with it, for how can we come to self-determination without knowing who we really are?
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