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Sr. Lawrencia’s Profession Ceremony in Wati Parish Nuku, Papua New Guinea

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Sr Lawrencia

Sr Lawrencia

The People of Wati, in West Sepik Province Papua New Guinea, recently welcomed the Presentation Sisters, Bishop Otto and priests of Aitape Diocese, Mariannithas Sisters, family and friends for the Final Profession Ceremony of Sr Lawrencia Tamalako.

The Wati Parish Banner of Welcome and Entrance processionFor this special occasion Sr Lawrencia looked splendid adorned in traditional ornaments and dressing.

The Wati Parish Banner of Welcome and Entrance procession music and dancers commenced the proceedings of the day.

The official party then followed in the procession with the local people in attendance.

Sr Lawrencia asked for permission to take her final vows with her family by her side and made her vows before the Contregation Leader, Sr Regina Gevia with her Leadership Team and all present as witnesses.

The Litany of the Saints was sung in Pidgin and Bishop Otto blessed Lawrencia in her commitment to the Presentation Sisters and to the people of God. Sr Regina presented Lawrencia with her Profession ring as a sign of her commitment.


The exchange of gifts is a tradition among the people. The Sisters presented Lawrencia’s Family with the gift of a Lantern and a Cross. The Family presented to the Sisters the gift of the fruits from their bush garden.

Music and dancing accompanied the concluding Procession.  All who attended were invited to join in the feast that was to follow.

Your prayers are requested for Sr Lawrencia and all the Presentation Sisters of Papua New Guinea in the continuation of their ministry following in the footsteps of Nano Nagle.


Community guest and well-wishers

Community guests and well-wishers

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