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Reflections on working with IPA Team in New York

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Reflections from Sr. Lucy:

One year on from being at the UN for six months I am truly grateful for the opportunity to have been there and learned so much.

I have truly benefited from the experience:


1.   in becoming more aware of what I don’t know, accepting with less assumptions and being open to greater diversity,

2.   appreciating the variety of activities undertaken by the UN,

3.   recognising the ways in which we in IPA are able to influence change for the benefit of people at grassroots,

4.   in having my vision expanded to global proportions in thinking of justice and gospel

5.   in equating gospel values with human rights


A few highlights from different months were:

January: “No future without justice” framework for post 2015 goals – the focus was on

1. Dignity and human rights for all

2. Promoting equality and justice

3. Respecting nature and planetary boundaries

4. Building peace through disarmament

5. Fostering fair and resilient financial systems

6. Strengthening democratic and participatory governance.

There is need for a high degree of policy coherence at global, regional, national and sub-national levels.

March: First Religious at the UN meeting (RUN): I met multitudes of Religious men and women from orders never heard of before! Wonderful people, highly motivated and qualified!

Attended the Trafficking in Persons  (TIP) Global report: 83% countries have TIP legislation but 16% no convictions, 23% have 1-10 convictions, learned forced labour in Africa is a big issue, and the biggest flow of victims is from East Asia. The Report is a practical means of making countries aware of extent of TIP, the moral issues which need tackling. There are 5 P’s of TIP: policy, prevention, protection of victims, prosecution and partnership and 4 R’s of TIP: rescue, recovery, repatriation, re-integration.

April: Anne O’Leary visited and asked how we were using our skills to connect with people at grassroots?  It was suggested we gather a UN alumni list to explore how we might work together to further the UN agenda at grassroots level

Every week: The weekly team meetings were inspiring, interesting and often challenging; just hearing what impressed Noreen, Dina and Fatima was an inspiration because they really reflected deeply on the activities, something I did less often. The weekly reflection was a spiritual uplift and the schedule of coming week’s activities usually prepared by Noreen or Fatima was most helpful.


June Reflection from Sally Dunne (Loretto)

Do not be daunted by the enormity of the world’s grief.

Do justly, now.

Love mercy, now.

Walk humbly, now.

You are not obligated to complete the work, but neither are you free to abandon it.                                                                                                                                                                                           The Talmud

Lucy is with Srs Terry, Joan and Fatima  in  the UN office.

Lucy is with Srs Terry, Joan and Fatima in the UN office.


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