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Presentation Sister’s work – a message from the Philippines

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Presentation Sisters in the Philippines


Sr Aquila Sy pbvm writes from the Philippines …..

 “ Sisters Lourdes Healy, Helen Lenehan and I travelled about two hours by pump boat to cross the sea to the island of Mambacayaw.  Fifty two to seventy five houses were totally damaged and the rest called for serious repairs. As a fishing village, their livelihood was shattered. The mountain villages where our Presentation Sisters have projects that generate income suffered floods that destroyed their plants and crops. At this stage of the relief work, some materials have been purchased for the repairs and reconstruction of the houses. Ten houses have been finished in the town of old Escalante. The delivery of materials to Mambacayaw continues to be indeed difficult and expensive but gradually it is being done. Please God all will be well.”

Aquila Sy pbvm  


Philippines Photo

Thank you to the many Presentations Sisters, Associates and Friends in Australia who have financially supported the efforts of the Sisters in the Philippines.  Some of the funds have gone to the above projects and also to immediate relief packages for families in another section of the country. 




Australian Sister Mary Silk to assist Presentation Sisters in the Philippines

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