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Victorian Presentation Sisters Celebrate 140 years

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This Christmas season, Presentation Sisters celebrate 140 years of ministry in Victoria.

On 21 December, 1873, five Presentation Sisters and two aspirants sailed into Sandridge (Port Melbourne), having travelled far from their home in Limerick, Ireland. These courageous and generous women, Mother Mary Paul Mulquin, Mother Mary Bernard Gunson, Mother Mary Patrick Irwin, Sister Margaret Mary Cronin and Sister Mary Berchmans Carroll, and prospective postulants Miss Elizabeth Mackey and Miss Anne Bray, were responding to a plea from Father James Corbett of St Mary’s, St Kilda, who wrote “From the ends of the earth, I write to you for help…”. The Sisters founded Presentation Convent, Windsor, on Christmas Day, 1873.

They were women of listening hearts.

To them the Spirit spoke: ‘Come’

So they rose up to follow.

It led them out of their quiet valley,

Over the rim of the world,

Where summer came in wintertime

And the very stars hung strange…

Raphael Consedine pbvm


Presentation Sisters’ ministry in Victoria, began in education, but has broadened and diversified to include parish and pastoral work, chaplaincy, welfare and counselling, support of the sick and aged, adult and family education, spiritual direction, ecological justice and spirituality, actions for justice and aboriginal reconciliation, and community development. In the spirit of their founder, Nano Nagle, the Sisters have sought to remain responsive to emerging needs in each time and place and have retained her prophetic edge.

Touched by the suffering of our world

we are called to be women of hope

nurturing the flame of life wherever we are.  

                                                                                                                          From Presentation Sisters Victoria Identity Statement


…We stand where they once stood,

Listening…hearing in our own world,

new-born this day

Life’s insistent cry, the Spirit’s voice…

                     Raphael Consedine pbvm

The spirit of Presentation has been embraced by others who work in current Presentation Ministries:

       Presentation College Windsor


  Star of the Sea College, Brighton


   Presentation Family Centre, Balnarring


  Wellsprings for Women, Dandenong


each of which, in its own unique way, empowers people for life.

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