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Stories from PNG – The Volleyball Tournament that Grew and Grew!

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From a few simple remarks in January about doing something for our young people, a huge volleyball tournament took place on the Queen’s Birthday weekend. Venue – NALU College.

It turned out to be a great success. There were 16 women’s teams and 18 men’s teams competing – 360 players – and a few hundred supporters added to the excitement. We had expected to get about 6 teams!

Our aim to get something going for the young people was certainly fulfilled, with hours of practice beforehand going on in all directions. As well as from Aitape, teams came from such places as Arop, Maio!, Pes, Ali Island and Tumleo Island. Some of our “Business Houses’ sponsored us for two very fine trophies, and medals for winners and runners-up; Papindo supplied drinks and B.S.P. Bank gave lots of promotion material so all the umpires, judges, recorders etc. received a thank-you gift.

We were blessed with good weather on the whole, and all was finished by 6.30pm Sunday. I think many people were surprised by it all. It was the first time a big volleyball competition was held in Aitape. There was a great spirit amongst players and spectators — no fights and the teams shook hands with each other after their game.

Sr. Regina Gevia, Melita Sindol (Nalu Secretary & Friend of Nano) and I planned, advertised organised and ran it all with great help from Nalu students and Bro. Tom Rice. I think Bro. Tom will run it next year. Of course, we three ladies had plenty of strong advice from various men, but we stuck to our plan and proved that women can do it!

Sr. Marion.

What is Nalu College,  Papua New Guinea?

Nalu College is a Distance Education Centre associated with the University of PNG and offers students a chance to complete pre-university courses.

Sr Joyce Tefele has been studying this year at Nalu College doing Geography and Economics. Last year Sr Joyce did English as a basis for further study.

Joyce found her studies very challenging but as she says, “ Srs Marion and Felicity (Tutors at the College)gave me  help and much encouragement. Now my studies are over and I am looking forward to going to Xavier Institute, Port Moresby for my Vowed Life course next year.”

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