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Read the stories of the Presentation Sisters in PNG in 2 colourful new Fact sheets

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Fact Sheet 1: The Story of the Presentation Sisters in Paupa New Guinea

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The first Presentation Sisters arrived in Papua New Guinea in 1966, a hundred years after the first group of Presentation Sisters arrived in Australia at Richmond, Tasmania.



Extract from Newsletter:

Ningil and Yimut are in very rough and rugged terrain. There is no road into Yimut. The truck can only go as far as Nuku. There it is unloaded and the Sisters and the Nationals continue their journey on foot. They have to carry their cargo on their backs for the eight hour walk to Yimut. In Ningil and Yimut the Sisters are engaged in education and pastoral work. Ningil also has a Health Clinic run by the Sisters.


Imelda receiving Elizabeth’s Vows… 2012


Fact Sheet 2: The trials & perils of getting around in PNG

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“Can you imagine a truck carrying a drum of diesel, timber, food and many passengers trying to wield that amount of cargo and at the same keeping on the iron tracks? One false move and all land in the river. No wonder some passengers feign sleep when things become too hairy!” – Sr. Margaret Mary

In Fact sheet 2 Sr Margaret Mary, who has now returned to Australia after living with the Presentation Sisters in Papua New Guinea for 25 years, speaks of the difficulties of transportation in the region.

“A truck is a lifeline for the Sisters” – Sr Margaret Mary

Can you Help?


Can you help support the running costs of a truck or one of the community education & medical programs?

If so, please contact the Society Office on 02-97395600 or email society@pbvm.org.au for further information & bank transfer details.

or send a cheque, payable to Presentation Sisters PNG, to: Society of Presentation Sisters, Nagle Services, Suite 4F, 9-13 Redmyre Road, Strathfield, NSW 2135

Please Note: Donations are not tax deductible.

Pulling the truck onto the road after being washed down by the river

Sr. Bernie and her group… First Holy Communion

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