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Interesting articles to stay informed on recent events in the asylum seeker debate

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26-07-2013; ABC Religious: What would Bonhoeffer do about asylum seekers, Mr Rudd?

In 2006, then-Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs Kevin Rudd wrote an article for The Monthly entitled “Faith in Politics.” It was about the role of churches and individual Christians in politics. His purpose was to critique the “privatised, pietised and politically compliant Christianity” of the televangelists and to challenge “those who would seek today to traduce Christianity by turning it into the political handmaiden of the conservative political establishment.” ….

Even if the so-called PNG Solution “worked” and refugees fleeing for their lives stopped arriving by boat in Australian waters seeking asylum, the “solution” is wrong. It is wrong morally and spiritually. It is wrong because it requires us to mistreat and harm a group of marginalised, vulnerable, oppressed people who have arrived asking us for help. Read full artcile by clicking here….

26-07-2013: SMH, Waleed Aly: PNG asylum policy harsh, but may not succeed

To say we can stop the boats by resettling their passengers in PNG, is to say one of two inescapable things. First, that the boats will stop because these boat people are not really seeking protection from persecution, and are instead only after Australian residency; thus PNG (or anywhere else) will never do, even though it offers protection simply because it isn’t Australia. But that is to say they aren’t really refugees. That doesn’t square with the fact that the overwhelming majority of asylum seekers get refugee status.

Alternatively we’re saying the boats will cease because PNG is such a ghastly place so incapable of offering protection that a genuine refugee will refuse to go there. If that’s the case, then we’re breaching the international obligations we’re pretending to uphold by sending them somewhere incapable of protecting them….Read full article by clicking here….

02-07-2013: ABC Religion & Ethics: An Indonesian solution? There is a better approach to asylum seeker policy by Frank Brennan

Father Frank Brennan delivered the following paper in response to the keynote address by Jeff Crisp, the Head of the Policy Division and Evaluation Service of UNHCR in Geneva, at the National Asylum Summit 2013, held at the University of South Australia, on 27 June 2013…. click here to read full article…

07-05-2013: ABC: What it means to value life: The role of religions in global asylum and protection

The recent passage of legislation to excise the entire Australian mainland from the migration zone is unprecedented in many respects. To begin with, it is the first time that a signatory to the United Nations Refugee Convention has excised its territory. Read more…

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