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Presentation Sister presents news on ACRATH in New York – June 2013

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Lucy van Kessel pbvm (ACRATH WA Co-ordinator) presented information to twenty nine members of RUN (Religious at the UN) on the work of ACRATH. The RUN group has Religious women and men in 157 countries world-wide and they have a keen interest in human rights and trafficking.

Information was presented on the three goals of ACRATH work, the achievements, governance and particularly advocacy visits to Canberra each year. The group was very interested in what was being done in Australia and asked searching and challenging questions about ACRATH.

“Speaking to different groups at the UN and in the US has been worthwhile in encouraging the adaption and use of the ACRATH model as suitable to their own situations. The RUN people pointed out that having a single focus for action simplifies direction. This is a contrast to so much of the work at the UN where the brief of Religious goes from human rights, to social development, environmental concerns, Indigenous Peoples agendas and a multitude of other items. In all of this the elimination of violence against women and girls- a big part of trafficking – is a key component of action at all levels.” Lucy van Kessel pbvm June 2013









Lucy van Kessel PBVM (second from the right) with members of RUN at the UN

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