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Papua New Guinea – “Madonna of Hope”

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Sr Heather Burke, Presentation Sister and artist, has painted a Madonna and Child in the context of  Papua New Guinea culture and has called her work Madonna of Hope.

“I choose to work from a photo, selected among many, of this particular woman because of the quiet, meditative serenity which pervades herself and her child. The child is very secure in his Mother’s embrace and the expression of the love between them is very evident. It seems to me, also, that her soft smile suggests confidence and hope for the future.”

Sr Heather added, “In the background of my work, Madonna of Hope, one of the branches forms a cross with another tree trunk, suggesting the reality of suffering to come in the life of Mary and her child, and in the lives of the people of Papua New Guinea especially the women”.

Sr Margaret Mary pbvm, upon her return to Australia after many years of living and working in Papua New Guinea, asked Heather to give her talent to creating this beautiful art work. The intention was that the painting would go to the Sisters in New Guinea to be an inspiration to them, as it would be closer to their hearts and their understanding in contrast to a western style Madonna.

“I hope all who dwell on this painting will find there the hope and serenity I tried to capture,” said Sr Heather.

Due to difficulties of transportation and concerns of deterioration of this art work in an equatorial climate, the original painting is now held in Wagga.  Printed copies will be sent to the Sisters in Papua New Guinea.

The “Madonna of Hope” is the art work of Sr. Heather and we ask visitors to respect her art work.

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