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Celebrate Nano Nagle’s Day – 26 April

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“Last Wednesday the indisposition of Miss Nagle was announced in the sorrowing countenances of the poor of this city to whom she was the best of benefactors and patronesses.”

Hibernian Chronicle, Monday 26 April 1784


Today we gather to celebrate and give thanks for Nano Nagle, prophet and mystic. She has influenced and continues to affect the lives of generations of Presentation people and of those made poor and treated unjustly. Martin Buber said: ‘Every person born into the world represents something new, something that never existed before, something original and unique… If there had been someone like her in the world, there would have been no need for her to be born.’ (Martin Buber (Jewish Philosopher) as quoted in “Narrative Means for Sober Ends”, by Jon Diamond, p.78)

Today we celebrate the original and unique gift of Nano to the universe and to the church. We celebrate her personal identity as a woman of compassion, a prophet and a mystic. We celebrate this identity (her charism) as it is reflected in all Presentation people.


To access a Prayer/Reflection for Nano’s Day 2013 go to our Resources page.


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