Join Amnesty International's advocacy to Nigerian Government on behalf of the girls and their families

Vote for the World You Want in 'MY World', a global survey for citizens led by the UN

Thank Ben and Jerry's for its campaign to save the Great Barrier Reef

To Governments Worldwide - 'Promise to protect our democracies from corporate lawsuits, and stop the secret TPP and TTIP trade pacts

Trans-Pacific Partnership with the US should hold fears - Ross Gittins in SMH Dec 11th'

Greenpeace campaign - 'Let's declare a global Sanctuary in the Arctic'

Get Up!: Help save the Great Barrier Reef

Keep Oil Exploration out of Africa’s oldest national park

Take action for Indigenous rights

Stand with Malala in demanding an end to the global education emergency

Help make the global tax laws work for the poor

Join ChilOut in taking action to have children removed from detention centres

Support the right to work for asylum seekers

Support a safer India for women and children

Check out the video about why superannuation is only super for some and sign the petition asking for a fairer system

Call on our Federal Politicians to support changes to recognise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in the Constitution and protect all Australians from racial discrimination

What happened to Constitutional recognition of Australian Indigenous people?

Help girls in Pakistan get their education by simply watching a beautifully produced slideshow

Stop the cycle of food crisis in the Sahel region of West and Central Africa

End immigration detention of children

Stronger Futures Legislation


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5, Mar

Australian Catholic Religious Against Trafficking in Humans

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Recently Joan Kennedy pbvm from Victoria and Lynne Crilley pbvm from Wagga Wagga attended the annual conference of ACRATH in Sydney. You can read more about the speakers and the content of the Conference by accessing the accompanying press release. ACRATH is endorsed by CATHOLIC RELIGIOUS AUSTRALIA, the peak body for more than 190 religious congregations in Australia. ACRATH is committed to working towards the elimination of human trafficking in Australia, in the Asia Pacific region and internationally. The website address is www.acrath.org.au.


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