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Sr Imelda from PNG visits the Nagle Centre in Sydney

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Imelda Suyai, a Presentation Sister from PNG, is currently in Australia to attend a course at Marymount Mercy Centre, Castle Hill NSW. Imelda is the PNG Sister in charge of the Candidates. Prior to her commencement at Marymount, Imelda visited the Nagle Centre Family Care and Support Centre at Campbelltown. Imelda wrote of her experience…

I went with Sr Cecilia Wiltshire to visit The Nagle Centre to see where Sr Cecilia works and learn about the ministries there. I was very pleased to meet each person that works there and see how happy they are in their work. I could see they are very good people sharing their knowledge in helping the poor people who are really in need. As a Presentation Sister I was very touched by their great work and support. I pray for the Lord to bless them and their families. I thank them for the opportunity to meet the staff and learn about the ministries.

Imelda Suyai pbvm


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