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Prestigious Invitation given to Presentation Sister

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Dr Mary Coloe pbvm, Associate Professor of Theology, Australian Catholic University, Melbourne has been invited to participate in a Dialogue with the Disciples of Christ under the auspices of the Pontifical Council for Christian Unity.

A renowned biblical theologian, Associate Professor Coloe has written and contributed to numerous publications and is internationally known for her writing on the theology, Christology, ecclesiology and spirituality of the Gospel of John, Jewish Christian relationships in the first century, and the world and literature of first century Judaism and Christianity.

The Council for Christian Unity was established in the context of the Second Vatican Council in 1960, and since its inception the Council has been engaged in a number of dialogues with both Eastern and Western Christian churches, as well as with Judaism.

Associate Professor Coloe said she was honoured to be invited to join the Dialogue.

“When I received the invitation I was both delighted and surprised,” she said. “My first thoughts were how I might contribute as a woman and biblical theologian to the dialogue with other Christian churches and also continue to foster our relationship with Judaism.

“As a biblical scholar I work alongside many other men and women of many Christian denominations and churches, as well as with many Jewish women and men.”

Associate Professor Coloe has been invited to participate over five years in a dialogue with the Disciples of Christ. The topic for this phase of the dialogue is Christians Formed and Transformed by the Eucharist.

“All our Churches have a common foundation in the Scriptures so my biblical background may help the dialogue.

“My doctorate was a study of the Temple symbolism in the Gospel of John. This involved much research into early Judaism and its long traditions of God’s presence dwelling among the people in the Ark of the Covenant, the Tabernacle, the Temple, and through a more subtle presence as divine Wisdom, Torah and the Shekinah.

“My research has continued along these lines – I am still fascinated by the Gospel of John, and most recently by the theology of Creation that flows through this narrative from the opening verse, until the end.

“My next main writing project is to write a significant commentary on John within the Wisdom Commentary Series.”

Mary will also lecture at Ecce Homo in Jerusalem from 7 March to 15 April 2013.


Ecce Homo Interview with Mary Coloe – YouTube

22 Jul 2012 What Dr Mary Coloe pbvm, Associate Professor at the Australian Catholic University in Melbourne and the lecturer of the Biblical Program at Ecce Homo, said about her personal experience after giving the course “Rediscover Jesus in the Land with Luke” in 2012.


01 Ecce Homo & Ecce Mater Tua in John’s Gospel by Dr Mary Coloe

13 Sep 2012 … This is the 1st of 7 parts of a lecture presented by Dr Mary Coloe, Associate Professor of New Testament at Australian Catholic University, Melbourne, at ‘The Center for Biblical Formation – Notre Dame de Sion’ located at the place called “Ecce Homo – Behold the Man” in the Old City of Jerusalem. In this lecture “Ecce Homo & Ecce Mater Tua” she traces these phrases and the meaning that were written in the Gospel of John. Dr Coloe points out that in order to talk about these 2 phrases which are part of the Passion Narrative we must begin with some of the earlier narratives. The clues are in John 1:1-18 (the Prologue), 2:16-21 & 7:37-39.

The other 6 parts can be found to the right of the 1st part.


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  1. Rita says:

    Congratulations to you dear Mary. May our loving Creator God continue to bless you and gift you with the wisdom, the expertise and the ability to continue to be the wonderful Teacher you are. May you continue to spread God’s Word in such a powerful way. Blessings of Peace and Joy to you. Rita

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