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Meeting of Presentation Finance People

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The Presentation Sisters finance people met in February 2013 for a two day conference. It was an enjoyable two days while we compared information, discussed challenges in the light of each Congregation’s demographics and particular issues and generally got to know one another. Some of us had attended such gatherings in the past so it was good to link in together again. Newer people had a chance to meet others of like mind in similar positions from other Presentation Congregations.

Our group also had an opportunity to meet with the Plenary Council to discuss future needs and current concerns. It was interesting to see the things we did have in common from around Australia and in PNG. The exchange of email addresses will ensure we will have a lot more contact in the future.

Mary Cannane pbvm


BACK ROW: Judith Murphy pbvm (Qld), Digby Clayden (WA)
SECOND TOP ROW: Margaret Goulding (Lis), Margaret Walker (Qld), Kathy Daini (Vic)
MIDDLE ROW: John Spillane (Wagga), Mary Anne Spencer (Vic), Marietta Mangelsdorf pbvm (Wagga)
FRONT ROW: Maryanne Ingram (Tas), Mary Cannane pbvm (Lismore), Marilyn Fryett pbvm (Tas)



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