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Gathering of Sisters in Papua New Guinea

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The Sisters in PNG come together each January for retreat, holidays and community meetings in Aitape from outlying communities of Ningil, Arop, Yimut, Wewak and Port Morseby. Throughout the year some Sisters do not have a chance to meet up with other communities due to the distance and difficult terrain between their communities. Antonia Leiki tells us of some of the difficulties they have had to contend with recently!



“Sisters in Nagle House Community spent many sleepless nights chasing out cows from the Diocesan farm as they would come in to eat everything in our vegetable garden, especially the greens. Then they started on the hibiscus! Now we have tricked them by putting up gates to keep them out, though they keep testing the fence.

As well as the problem of the cows we have had white ants trying to eat up the Nagle Centre! Joe, the carpenter, spent days destroying the nests and using waste oil on many spots to keep them away. Joe and his helpers have also been busy putting up a new tank at Nano House.”

Antonia Likei pbvm



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