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Novices welcomed in PNG

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Clemencia Wasu, Judith Yerim and I said goodbye to the Candidates’ House on 13 October 2012 and moved to the Novitiate. Srs Imelda and Francesca (and Tasin our wasman – watchdog) took us across the bridge to the Novitiate where Srs Regina G and Marion welcomed us to our new community.

The first week we settled in and prepared for our Reception paraliturgy on 20 October. We were received as Novices on Mission Sunday. Sr Antonia questioned us about our desire to enter the Novitiate and our willingness to be fully part of the Novitiate program. Sr Francesca had made our new uniforms. Sr Felicity blessed them then Sr Fran presented them to us. Then Sr Antonia presented us with the PNG Presentation Constitutions. We changed into our uniforms (for Sunday Mass and special occasions) and we did a role play about Jesus calling four of the apostles who were fishermen. We shared our special symbols with everyone there in the chapel, then after the blessing we enjoyed some light refreshments.

Maria Kauge


As Novices, Clemencia, Judith and Maria will spend time in study and prayer to learn more about themselves, the community, the charism of Nano Nagle and their relationship with Jesus. At the end of the two year novitiate, they can choose to take the next step of commitment and make temporary vows. We pray for these women during this time.


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