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WA Sister going to the UN

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Lucy van Kessel is going to the United Nations as an International Presentation Association (IPA) non-government organisation representative for six months from January to July 2013. In this capacity Lucy will focus on programs and events organised by the UN Regional Commissions, such as the Commission on the Status of Women in March which assesses government responses to the elimination of violence against women. NGOs make recommendations for further action in particular UN regions – this is likely to be in Presentation mission regions, e.g. Papua New Guinea, Australia, India, Pakistan.

Lucy will be meeting with international working groups, guided by Fatima Rodrigo, and providing information about issues in particular regions. Among these will be human trafficking, Indigenous issues and human rights. During the six months, Lucy hopes to network with Presentation Justice Contacts around the world, with colleagues involved in mental health, accommodation, advocacy, domestic violence and other justice issues. She will be on a very steep learning curve and hopefully, have time to enjoy the weather, the people and the culture.


3 Responses to “WA Sister going to the UN”

  1. Rita says:

    Blessings to you Lucy as you move to UN. You will bring a wealth of good will, comittment and many genuine smiles as you encounter the challenges ahead May the blessing of Nano go with you. Rita.

  2. Anne says:

    I’m sure your confreres at the Un will appreciate your energy and generous spirit.
    We look forward to hearing from you.
    In the meantine, we’ll miss you from our JC meetings!!

  3. Suzanne says:

    Hope all is going well for you in NY Lucy. You will have so much to contribute, enjoy the time and the challenges. I look forward to following the outcomes from the Commissions.

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