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Lynette Rodrigues, Zambian Justice Contact, visits Sydney

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Recently, some Sisters from the Lismore and Wagga Wagga Congregations met in Sydney with Lynette Rodrigues pbvm who is the Justice Contact in Zambia. Lynette is visiting family in Sydney. We had met Lynette at the IPA Assembly in Newfoundland where she spoke about her Justice ministry and how she connects the local and the global.

She told us how she coordinates the Presentation Justice Network to work with other justice groups in Zambia to bring local issues of concern to the Zambian Government, the Economic Commission of Africa in Ethiopia, and through the Presentation Sisters presence, to relevant committees at the United Nations. In Zambia other Justice groups include Caritas, Women NGOs and Friends of Nano.

One of her projects at the local level has been organising with these Justice Networks for Zambia to take part in a UN Consultation on “The Elimination of all forms of Violence against the Girl Child.”  The International Presentation Association sponsored two young Zambian women who took part in this consultation at the local level to then go to New York and speak at the United Nations Commission on the status of Women. One of these young women spoke of being a single mother trying to get an education and earn a living. Her experience of telling her story to people on the UN COMMISSION and the encouragement she received has given her the courage to keep on with her education. Monetary aid has also come to them through the UN. With this aid and earning her livelihood “by digging, planting, harvesting” and running a market stall with the hope of eventually setting up a small business, she continues her education.

Lynette’s ministry with young women living in poverty, her collaboration with other Justice Networks and then connecting in through Presentation presence at the UN to the Commission on the  Status of Women is a good example of the local and the global interacting. The Mission Statement of IPA  is being enacted:

“The mission of IPA is to channel our resources so that we can speak and act in partnership with others for global justice.” (2003/2007/2012 Assemblies)

Lynne Crilley
Justice Contact Wagga Wagga Congregation


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  1. lucy van kessel says:

    Great to hear and see Lynette’s visit went so well. I’m sure you were inspired.

  2. Yes it was a great night. Lynette inspired us all. Thanks for the opportunity Sheila

  3. Rita says:

    Thanks Lynette for sharing your gifts – great to see that you were here in Australia and I know your stories will continue to inspire all with whom you share, Your work in Zambia continues to inspire and reach out to so many. It is evident that Nano’s ministry is alive and active through you and the other Presentation women and men you encounter. Blessings to you. Rita

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