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Cana Communities open ‘Nagle House for Women’

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Presentation Day 2012 was no doubt honoured in a special way when Cana Communities in Sydney celebrated the occasion of the Opening and Blessing of ‘Nagle House for Women’ in the inner city region.

The House at 112 Flinders Street adjoins ‘De Porres House’ for men, and the latter was a spacious leafy venue for an inviting lunch over a happy time together before the ceremony of the Blessing of Nagle House. The ritual was most inspiring as members and volunteers from the Cana Communities blessed the surrounds and House, while reverencing Earth, Water, Fire and Air.

Sr Anne Jordan invited the Presentation Sisters and friends present to speak of the influence of Nano Nagle in their lives. All listened as one as Dorothea, Val Magurren, Pat Donnelly, Marg Walsh and Anne spoke of the ‘dream of Nano’ to be of service in any part of the world. Certainly Nano’s presence was felt this day … to help women in need would have surely been one of her ‘dreams’.  The Coordinators of Nagle House, Lorraine and Jo, are wonderful women; as are all the volunteers who give their time so generously to the work of Cana … in this case to help prepare a dwelling for five women so they can enjoy the safe and lovely residence of Nagle House.

A write up and more photos of the day can be found on the Cana website.

Marg Walsh pbvm



3 Responses to “Cana Communities open ‘Nagle House for Women’”

  1. Mary McCarthy says:

    Delighted to hear of Nagle House for Women! Every blessing on this new beginning – the dream of Nano!

    With love and prayer
    Mary McCarthy pbvm
    Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

  2. Bernadette Hyde-Mewburn says:

    Congratulations to all members of the Cana Communities in the opening of Nagle House for Women.
    I enjoyed reading the write up. My prayers and thoughts as you continue such a valuable ministry.

    Bernadette Hyde-Mewburn
    Townsville Qld

  3. Anne says:

    I’m sure Nano is smiling Anne as you keep going ‘one pace beyond’.
    Keep the lanternburning
    Blessings galore.

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