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Restorative Justice Week 14-20 November

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This week as we prepare for Presentation Day by praying the Novena we are reminded of our oneness in mission as worldwide Presentation Sisters. We are invited to “embrace the energy of passion, of strength and of courage shown to us by Nano Nagle and become for those who are oppressed sparks of love, of compassion, of justice and of hope”.

This coming week is also RESTORATIVE JUSTICE week and I quote from the Social Justice Diary of the Australian Catholic Social Justice Council.

“Restorative justice is rooted in the Old Testament and the teachings of Jesus. It responds to interpersonal brokenness and community crime, grounded in the belief that no  person is disposable. Love for God expressed in love for neighbour shapes restorative justice. It aims at restoring harmony between people and with God.”

Lynne Crilley pbvm
Social Justice Contact
Wagga Wagga Congregation


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