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29, Nov

Presentation Day 2012 was no doubt honoured in a special way when Cana Communities in Sydney celebrated the occasion of the Opening and Blessing of ‘Nagle House for Women’ in the inner city region. The House at 112 Flinders Street adjoins ‘De Porres House’ for men, and the latter was a spacious leafy venue for […]

15, Nov

This week as we prepare for Presentation Day by praying the Novena we are reminded of our oneness in mission as worldwide Presentation Sisters. We are invited to “embrace the energy of passion, of strength and of courage shown to us by Nano Nagle and become for those who are oppressed sparks of love, of […]

9, Nov

On 30 November 2012, the UN Security Council will commemorate the twelfth anniversary of resolution 1325 with an open debate on the role women’s civil society organizations play in preventing and resolving conflict and in building peace. The 30-minute documentary, Side by Side: Women, Peace and Security, which was jointly developed by the Australian Government’s […]

8, Nov

To facilitate information flow and support between all Presentation schools, and all those schools around Australia with a Presentation heritage, a website has been established hosted by the Iona Presentation College WA. This new website will contain a range of information that schools will find valuable, from details of Staff and Student Conferences, to teaching resources […]