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Rosemary Grundy, representing IPA, gives a comprehensive report of her experiences at the Rio+20 Conference

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“It was during the discussions, panels, and briefings shared among Major Groups and NGO bodies, that greatest energy was felt. It was in those conversations that the values, the hopes and dreams that we express as members of IPA were heard and understood. Our passion for justice, for the rights of the most vulnerable, most marginalised people that walk the planet – poor, women, Indigenous, children, those lacking human rights and Earth herself – was communicated in a common language of desire that this world will be transformed.” (page 12)

Rosemary also quotes Mary Robinson, Sustainable Development Dialogue Rapporteur (in her Two minute feedback to Heads of State Roundtable, 21 June 2012):

People will mobilse themselves to make sure that the world we pass on to our children and grandchildren is safe, equitable, prosperous and sustainable. The legacy of Rio+20 will not be the document you endorse – it will be the mobilization of people to build the future they desire.


To access Rosemary’s full report please click here.


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