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Year 10 students reflect on Human Trafficking

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On 24 April 2012 I participated in a Retreat Day for 120 Year 10 students from Presentation College Windsor (PCW) in Melbourne. The teachers wanted the girls to explore the issue of Human Trafficking from a reflective perspective.

I began the day with a presentation on this issue. The teachers followed this up with a ‘heart to heart’ exercise, which captured their responses to my talk. The girls then broke into six small groups to work on human trafficking from various perspectives. They were invited to prepare a media release or a podcast, to write a poem, to compose a song, to prepare an animation or make a diary entry.

I was deeply moved with the breadth and thoughtfulness of all that they shared at the completion of the workshops. The girls were then asked a question. ‘How would Nano Nagle, who founded the Presentation Sisters, respond to human trafficking if she were alive today?’ Again, in small groups the girls prepared a seven minute presentation on what they had learnt about human trafficking. These presentations were planned for different year levels throughout the school thus ensuring that every girl in the College would be informed about Human Trafficking.

The day finished with a Eucharist which focussed on the theme of Human Trafficking. It is gratifying to know that PCW is demonstrating how the Nano Nagle spirit is continuing to be taught and lived in the world today.

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