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Presentation Sister leads seminar on the Caring Role

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The Caring Role, Understanding Myself in the Caring Role

This was the topic of the morning workshop, led by Lynne Crilley pbvm, as part of a day seminar recently put on by NSW CLRI Aged Care Task Force in Sydney for all religious, their colleagues and those caring for aged religious.

Lynne Crilley (Wagga Congregation) is an experienced pastoral worker, supervisor and educator. She has worked in hospitals, and in residential and community aged care in these capacities. Lynne is also a member of the NSW CLRI Aged Care Task Force.

The care of older religious is usually a shared responsibility. Many different people may have unique but complementary roles to play in providing holistic care for an older religious – members of the community, friends and family, the congregation leadership and leadership team, staff at the aged care facility, pastoral workers, diversional therapists, chaplains, just to name a few!


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  1. Rita Cusack says:

    Great work, Lynne… your smiling face and your generous heart will certainly help to provide a holistic care to all you encounter….

  2. MARY MCCARTHY says:

    Lovely to hear about your ministry Lynne. May all continue to go well for you and all whose lives you share.

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