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Spreading the word in WA on Human Trafficking Issues

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Lucy van Kessel pbvm, with a team of three co-presenters and a local enthusiastic teacher, worked with Year 11 students at Mater Dei College in Perth on human trafficking issues. Lucy is a member of ACRATH, who provide lesson plans to assist teachers/presenters for use in schools or community gatherings.

The students became aware that trafficking is not just happening in other overseas countries but also here in Australia. They were encouraged to think about how they might unintentionally contribute to child labour, for example, by buying cheap goods from countries where trafficked child labour is used to produce such goods. They related this specifically to Easter eggs and were challenged to visit local supermarkets and ask if Fair Trade Easter eggs were available!


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  1. Marion says:

    You are a great advocate for those being trafficked. Keep at it Lucy.

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