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Presentation Sisters speak to Iona students

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The Sisters Place in Freemantle provides a safe haven and overnight accommodation for homeless women in the area.

Students from Iona Presentation College learnt of the involvement of the Presentation Sisters in this ministry from Srs Marion Beard and Maura O’Connell. These two Sisters were guest speakers at the College and spoke to nearly 200 Year 10 students about vocation, choice and ministry.

The Sisters Place is a joint initiative of five religious Congregations in WA, and Maura, who worked for many years with Aboriginal children in the Kimberley Region, is now involved in this ministry with Marion. The students were interested to hear about the ministry and how the Sisters Place impacts on the lives of the women (mostly Aboriginal) who seek shelter there.

Maura shared her personal story and the choice she made to leave Ireland and become a Presentation Sister in Australia. The implications of giving up the possibility of having a husband and children were not lost on the students!

The lives of the Sisters and their involvement in various ministries, e.g. education, ministry to prisoners, administration and pastoral care of the elderly, are nourished and sustained by their commitment to share their lives in community, in prayer and ministry. The importance of prayer was emphasised and when invited to spend ten minutes in a guided meditation all students willingly participated. The Year 10 students were most appreciative of the sisters for their visit.


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  1. lucy says:

    Great to hear of the student interest in the story and in meditation. Bless them

  2. Marion says:

    thanks Lucy

  3. Marie Murphy says:

    I was just browsing through this website when I came across this Item. I met Sr.Maura at Ampleforth Abbey, Yokshire, April 2010. I tried to contact her by email but have not had a reply yet.
    Maura I hope you are well Try and contact me.
    Marie……………….God Bless.

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